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You can visit the slide slideshow show webpage to see a selection of slides from each of the trips.
Google map of tripsTripVISITED 
slimbox2 examplesTripVISITED 
Lembeh 2012TripVISITED 
El Quseir 2012TripVISITED 
Oman 2009TripVISITED 
Bonaire 2009TripVISITED 
Seychelles 2008TripVISITED 
Cyprus 2008TripVISITED 
Maui 2008TripVISITED 
Bonaire 2007TripVISITED 
El Gouna 2007TripVISITED 
Villa 2006TripVISITED 
Maldives 2006TripVISITED 
Turkey 2005TripVISITED 
Cyprus 2005TripVISITED 
Taba Heights 2004TripVISITED 
Sharm el Sheikh 2004TripVISITED 
Maui 2004TripVISITED 
Kranjska Gora 2003TripVISITED 
Spain 1999TripVISITED 
Derbyshire 1999TripVISITED 
Barbados 1998TripVISITED 
Hawaii 1997TripVISITED 

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