Property in Cyprus

Neil and I have been thinking about his retirement, which will happen in a few years' time and we both would like to spend quite a bit of time outside the UK when that happens. To that end we decided to visit Cyprus in 2005, with a view to purchasing a villa out there, for holidays and possibly as a retirement property, or if not, as an investment. We researched the property market and plumped for a company called Pafilia ( from whom several of our friends have bought property. We were shown round several property developments by Tony Crassus, the Pafilia salesman, before we saw the one in Argaka, to the east of Polis.

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The villa

When we first saw the villa it was just a shell, but we knew immediately that this was the one we had been looking for. The location is perfect and the area has some stunning scenery and is nowhere near as built up as Paphos. We went back some months later and it was coming along nicely. When I went out with our daughter Lisa in November it was almost completed. The electricity had yet to be connected and the pool lining had to be installed, but the tiles, work-surfaces, painting, railings etc. were complete, or almost complete. We took over the property in the new year.


The diagram below shows the location, though there is a bit of artistic license, in that the development isn't quite so close to the sea and the sea you can see in the background is in reality mountains. Nevertheless it gives you a good idea of the development.

Argaka villa

Polis area

Polis itself is quite small. It has some excellent restaurants and bars. If you travel through Polis coming from Argaka and carry along the coast road you come to Latchi, a small fishing village with a nice little harbour and passeo or promenade. Again there are good restaurants here and a dive shop, that is a PADI ( centre for scuba-diving. Neil and I went out with them in July. We've also been with one in Polis, which I can highly recommend.

Aphrodite's Bath

Further along the coast is "Aphrodite's Bath", where there is a flight of steps by a restaurant that lead to a small and relatively secluded beach. Aphrodite´┐Żs Batch itself is an archaeological site.

The airport

The nearest airport is just south of Paphos, about 45 minutes' drive from Polis. Argaka is about 5 minutes drive from Polis. The drive is very pleasant. There is motorway from the airport to Paphos and then a good main road through the mountains to Polis. It gets a bit tricky getting through Paphos, but losing your way is part of the charm of going on Holiday.

Golf etc.

There is a golf course (Tsada) between Polis and Paphos and another two (Secret Valley and Aphrodite Hills) to the south of Paphos. The golf pro who used to be at Neil's golf club in the UK now runs both Tsada and Secret Valley. There are beaches along the coast around Argaka, Polis and Latchi, though these are not the white sand beaches that you get over towards Agia Napa on the other side of the island.

Things to do

If you hire a car, it is well worth getting up early and going to Protaras, just past Agia Napa, for a day out. It takes about 4 hours though, so leave early and come back late to make a day of it. Although it is a much quieter pace of life in Polis than in Paphos there are lots of things to do in the Polis area. As well as the beaches, archaeological sites, scuba-diving and golf, there are lots of sites to see and you can hike in the forests on the Akamas Peninsula, or the Paphos Forest area. We haven't yet made it into the Troodos Mountains, but that is on my list of things to do this year.

Map of Cyprus


We have been out to the villa several times this year. We went at the end of February to finish the buying process. Neil had to convert a considerable sum of money from Pounds Sterling to Cyprus Pounds. Luckily for us the French voted "non" to a referendum concerning the EU, and so did the Dutch. This sent the Euro spiralling downwards against the Pound Sterling, and since the Cyprus Pound is linked to the Euro, that fell too. Neil decided he'd never get a better rate and managed to save quite an amount when the money exchange company opened for business the following day! I've been out again with Neil and Philip and Lisa and Matt, then with my sister Kim, then with my other daughters and grandson Louis and Kim has been out with her daughters, so all in all, we have had our money's worth this year.

Christmas visit

We are going out again at Christmas. this will be the first time Neil has been out there when he hasn't had to do some work in the villa, such as putting up shelves, installing the lights around the swimming pool etc. Last time he was out there the garden hadn't really had time to get established, but he is due for a surprise at Christmas, since the trees and shrubs had grown considerably last time I was out and with a bit of luck will be fully established by then. Hopefully we'll have some time to visit further afield, such as a trip up into the Troodos Mountains. All three of us are looking forward to it. Many of te restaurants we go to will be closed at that time of year, but there will still be a few open in Polis itself and in Latchi.

Sue - November 2006

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