Kranjska Gora

Neil, Philip decided to go skiing over Christmas in 2003. This had to fit in with my trip to Spain to play in the 13th Haggar Ladies Matchplay Championship, where I was defending the title I won in 2002. Since I didn't get back until Sunday the 21st, we had to find a skiing trip where we could fly on the Tuesday or Wednesday. We decided upon Kranjska Gora, with Crystal as the tour operator, flying out on the morning of Christmas Eve.

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Getting there

We had a problem checking-in, in that the airline "Adria" did not have us as being booked on the flight. Luckily there were spare seats so we did get to fly. The flight from Gatwick North terminal to Ljubljyana in Slovenia took less than 2 hours and we could see quite a bit of snow on the Alps as we passed over them. The transfer from Ljubljyana to Kranjska Gora took about 2 hours, as the coach first had to drop off some passengers at Bled, which appears to be an attractive place, with a picture postcard castle on a high promontary above a large lake.

The hotel

When we arrived in Kranjska Gora Neil exchanged some of the Euos he had for Slovenian Tollars, though this wasn't really necessary as everywhere would accept Euros. We stayed at the hotel Lek and although the rooms were quite small, the hotel had a good sized swimming pool, a smaller pool with water jets and bubbles and a jakuzzi, which were very welcome after a day's skiing. The hotel staff were friendly and the food was very good.

The weather

The first few days were sunny, and we had to rely upon snow cannons to cover the pistes. There were only a couple of beginner/intermediate runs open, but since we hadn't skied for nearly 10 years, this wasn't too much of a restriction. On the fourth day it rained, which played havoc with the lower parts of the slopes. But luckily that night it snowed and carried on snowing on and off for the rest of the holiday.

Practise makes perfect

Philip spent most of his time either on his back or his knees or holding hands with his pretty snowboard instructress, who had the patience of Job. I skied every day and thoroughly enjoyed it. Neil skied every day except the day when it rained and by the end of the week he was beginning to feel that, although he was nowhere near to the standard he was 10 years ago he was improving and could with a few more weeks of skiing get there.


Kranjska Gora is pretty, situated as it is in its little valley very close to the Austrian and Italian borders. The skiing isn't as extensive as I've been used to, but it certainly caters well for families who want to learn to ski, or who just like to ski a little. If you're used to large skiing areas with long runs, this isn't for you. But there are some lovely walks and cross-country trails in the area.


We enjoyed our time in Slovenia, arriving back to a crisp winter's day in England on New Year's Eve.

Sue - January 2004

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